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Mill City Roaster MCR-30 30kg Gas

Commercial Roaster

Commercial Roasters Mill City Roaster MCR-30 30kg Gas
Orlando, Florida
United States
$ 21,003.00
Listed by private seller 7 months ago

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Item Description

Mill City Roaster MCR-30 30kg Gas

MCR-30 30 Kilogram Coffee Roaster [30kg-coffee-roaster-main-web]
30 Kilogram Coffee Roaster
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Advanced Features

Included Loader with Integrated Scale
Standard for all 30kg and 60kg roasters. A ready to use scale loader designed to work specifically with your coffee roaster. Equipped with high efficiency air filters to remove greens dust.
Total Control
Industry’s most precise and most sophisticated roast control systems. Fully off board automation capable via RoastPATH machine control available Spring of 2022.
Heavy Duty Build
Industrial quality, solid plate and all certified food grade stainless steel construction. Industrial microprocessor controlled with highest quality CSA/UL certified motors, switches, relays, pressure, flow and position sensors and contactors.
Double Walled Drums
Heaviest construction in the industry eliminates thin walled drum “hot-spots.” Provides greater efficiency, stability and control. Allows superior aggressive speciality coffee roast profile performance without heat defect.
Data Acquisition and Controls
State of the art integrated USB connection via MODBUS. Digital gas recording and control, analog and digital gas pressure readouts, push button digital full range variable fuel,, drum and fan speed settings, digital drum pressure display and digital fan and drum pressure readouts, and roast state sensors that are all automatically logged via RoastPATH data logging connection.
Operator Assist Functions
Production assistance programming reduces the repetitive operator input required for production roasting. Automated timer and cooling tray activation, automated data logging, automated roast profile execution, automated cooling fan and stirring arm operation, automated preheat charge temperature recovery programming for greater consistency and efficiency. Load and discharge failsafe prevents the operator from roasting with the charging gate open and prevents loading when the drum door is open to eliminate accidental discharge of green coffee into the cooling tray.
Natural or LP Gas
Mill City designed, CSA certified low loss gas trains with high output, high efficiency burner sets with full range modulation of either natural and LP gas.
Your Roaster, Your Style
Six rotating color options available in matte finished or brushed stainless steel. Custom logos on request.
Training, Warranty, Tech Support
24/7 response to inquiries worldwide. On call troubleshooting via email, telephone, and video conference. Video conference roaster safety, familiarisation, and operational walkaround and video conference session seasoning roast-along sessions scheduled for every new installation. All components for all models inventoried for immediate delivery worldwide from MCR Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Height adjustable, leveling legs on a 30kg chaff collector

Quick Specifications
Overview: - Includes stand-alone chaff collector and cooling tray fan
- Automated charge and discharge via air assist
- Requires power, gas, exhaust venting, and compressed
Capacity / Output
Batch Size: 5 kilograms - 30 kilograms
Batch Time: < 15 minutes
Production Output: 198 lb/hr, 1584 lb/day
(90 kg/hr, 720 kg/day)
Data Logging
Connection: Integrated USB connection via MODBUS
Temperature Data: Bean temperature (BT), drum temperature (DT), incoming air temperature (IT), environmental temperature (ET)
Roaster Data: Fan speed, drum speed, drum pressure, gas pressure
Dimensions & Clearances
Roaster Body (LxWxH): 109 in x 54 in x 104 in
277.9 cm x 137.0 cm x 264.4 cm)
Chaff Collector (ØxH): 27.5 in x 78.25 in
(70 cm x 198.8 cm)
Cooling Fan (LxWxH): 18.25 in x 22 in x 26.5 in
(46.3 cm x 55.8 cm x 67.3 cm)
Weight: Roaster Body - 3,060 lb (1388 kg)
Chaff Collector - 200 lb (90.72 kg)
Cooling Fan - 90 lb (40 kg)
Clearance to Combustibles: 18 in (45.7 cm)
Service Required: Roaster: Three Phase, 208/110VAC, 30A, 50-60Hz / Loader: Three Phase, 208/110VAC, 20A, 50-60Hz
Fuel Type: LP Gas -or- Natural Gas. For pressure requirements and conversion information, see Installation Manual.
Venting Type Required: Positive pressure ducting with minimum heat rating as required by exhaust temps (see Installation Manual) and clearance-to-combustibles rating as required by site conditions.
Workplace Safety
Details: - CSA Design Certified
- Cooling tray cover with automated stop
- Manual drum crank in case of power outage
- 100% food safe production path
- Optional Quick Connect Kits for easy vent cleaning