Aurelia Semi-Auto 3 Group - WBC Edition Concord


USD 6,000.00



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Nuova Simonellia 3 Group Aurelia World Barista Championship Edition for sale! Retail on this machine averages $17,415.00 and I have only used this machine for 1 month at a holiday event pop-up in 2014. The machine works great and I just didn't have a need for a three group commercial espresso machine boxed up in my garage :). Comes with 3 double spouted teflon coated portafilters [pictured] and a Nuova Simonelli 58 mm flat based stainless steel tamper. The machine has an internal pump so you can easily drop a line in a bucket of water to operate. Runs off of 220 V 3 phase 23 amps. Machine has been last serviced back on August 2015.

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