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Wega Nova

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Wega Nova
University City, Missouri
United States
$ 750.00
Listed by private seller 2 years ago

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Item Description

Wega Nova

I have a vintage Wega Mini Nova. It is a very early machine as it is #70 Serial Number.

It has been recently descaled and back flushed. It hits all of 9 bars at the portafilter.

It has a new shower screen (IMS) and gasket in the E-61 group.

Also comes with two portafilters one bottomless with a new IMS 18 gram basket.

It has a water reservoir, or you can have it plumbed to a water line. Great from home use.
OBO. video of the machine - https://youtu.be/ltzEkLCeoYY