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OZTURK 15 kilo/33 lb Coffee Roasting Machine

Commercial Roaster

Tallahassee, Florida
United States
$ 12,000.00
Listed by private seller 1 week ago

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Item Description

OZTURK 15 kilo/33 lb Coffee Roasting Machine

15 Kilo/ 33lb OZTURK Commercial Coffee Roaster New Custom Built Machine,
Why Buy An OZTURKBAY Coffee Roaster?

OZTURKBAY roasters have 4 motors - meaning you get true simultaneous roasting and cooling.

OZTURKBAY roasters have 2 exhausts, one for roasting one for cooling - No drum back pressure from the cooling exhaust.

OZTURKBAY roasters come standard with USB output to your favorite software program.

OZTURKBAY roasters have external chaff collection - No collecting chaff under the burner in the base of the roaster.

OZTURKBAY roasters have adjustable gas AND air flow - Giving you multiple means of controlling your profile.

OZTURKBAY roasters have been building and improving coffee roasters for over 60 years.

OZTURKBAY roasters come standard with digital variable speed drum and exhaust.

OZTURKBAY roasters come with a complete start-up system. We give you everything to get you started right. For a small additional cost you can get on-site roaster training.


Based in Izmir, Turkey,Ozturkbay is one of the oldest coffee equipment manufacturers in the world. Established in 1944, four generations of the Ozturkbay family have built Ozturkbay into the industry leader of coffee roasting and preparation equipment.

Always keeping the user in mind, Ozturkbay roasters are designed to maximize productivity and minimize maintenance, the concept behind its modular component design. This gives the user easy access for removal and cleaning of parts, resulting in less maintenance than other leading brands.

Who is Adirondack Coffee Roasters?

We have been selling Ozturk coffee roasters on eBay since 2007. No other importer can say that! I know that you can spend less for a roaster, but when you need it to work Ozturkbay roasters will. We not only sell roasters, we are also coffee roasters in Plattsburgh NY. My Ozturk roaster is a 2007 and I have roasted 300,000 plus pounds of coffee, with less than .005% in maintenance costs.

With prices of coffee low, now is the time to roast your own coffee!

We can help anyone go from no knowledge to having coffee you would be proud to serve in days, not weeks or months. Please let me help you roast your own coffee.

We sell Coffee Roasters up to 120 Kilo, as well as afterburners, destoners, loaders, and grinders.

-Model: OZTURK 15 kilo/33 lb Coffee Roasting Machine
-Roasting Time: 9-15 Minutes
-Batch Capacity: 2-15 kg. of green coffee
-Voltage: 220 Volt, 60Hz, 1-3 Phase
-Type of Fuel: PROPANE, and Natural Gas
-Color: Available in Red, Black, Yellow or customer custom color.
-Body Type: Chrome, Brass or Copper body finish
-Weight: 800 lbs.

Security Systems:
-Gas Security System : To shut down all system in condition of any abnormal gas preassure.
-Security button to turn off all roasting process.

Temperature Control:
-Digital Temperature Controls and Digital Temperature Indication. New 2019 burner systems(shown in photos). Super consistent with great control.

Other Specifications:
-Sight glass,sampling tube and digital temperature makes it easy to roast coffee.
-A large cooler with fan quickly cools the coffee.(under 4 minutes with full batch)
-Independent motors for the roasting drum and cooling tank.
-Independent fans for the roasting drum and cooling tank.
-An external chaff collector is included with roaster.
-Low noise level.
-User Manual comes with roaster.

Optional Upgrades:
-Copper and stainless steel available on drum and cooling tank.

Ask for current production times (8 weeks typical)
50% payment due upon purchase.
Remaining 50% due when roaster is completed.
Leases are available.