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About usedcoffeegear.com

usedcoffeegear.com is about connecting buyers and sellers of high end commercial coffee equipment, specialising in high end commercial espresso machines. As the global coffee scene explodes, demand for quality equipment is increasing. While there is plenty of good used machinery available, finding the right machine can be difficult as there aren't many dedicated marketplaces. Listings can be created for free, and buyers can contact sellers directly for free. We invite you to take advantage and browse our listings or list your machine for sale today.

Why sell on usedcoffeegear.com?

usedcoffeegear.com exists to faciliate timely sales at fair market values for high quality machinery. Unlike other marketplaces or auction sites, UCG has a specialised readership who are specifically looking to buy equipment. By focusing on this niche we aim to ensure that each buyer finds a machine, and each seller finds a buyer for a fair price. Each listing is automatically broadcast through our Twitter accounts ensuring that every new listing automatically reaches hundreds of interested individuals and businesses. You are welcome to list your machine on other services simultaneously,

Feature Requests

usedcoffeegear.com is under continuous improvement and development. If you have ideas about how we could improve things, or features you would like to see incorporated we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch through our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have further questions or require assistance, please get in touch via our contact page.

Where is usedcoffeegear.com based? Is it for a specific country?

usedcoffeegear.com is a worldwide classified website. We are not confined to any particular country and users from anywhere in the world are free to list. We suggest being as specific as possible with your location. International sales can be complicated, however as interest in coffee increases worldwide many people are seeking machines internationally. Users can also search by country, or specific area, so your item will receive plenty of interest from other users in your local area.

How much does it cost to publish my item for sale?

You can publish your listing immediately for free on usedcoffeegear.com. Just set up your account here and click 'Publish' to create your listing. We also offer an optional premium listing tier for those who wish to boost the visibilty of their item to reach more potential buyers and receive offers sooner. Premium listings costs USD $25.00 per listing.

How can I get my listing posted on the usedcoffeegear.com Social Media accounts?

All listings will be automatically posted on both our Twitter and Facebook accounts, plus any relevant category specific accounts (see About page for full list of category specific social media accounts). This is part of the free service which we offer and ensures that every single listing receives hundreds of views from interested users. Please allow up to one hour for your item to be shared via social media. We recommend retweeting, sharing and promoting posts for your listing to help get the word out.

I'm looking for [insert item here]. Do you have any for sale?

Usedcoffeegear.com is a free online classified website designed to create a place where users can buy and sell coffee equipment between other users. As such, we do not stock any coffee equpment. All transactions are directly between the publisher and the buyer. Only those machines which are listed are available for purchase. To enquire about a machine just click the 'Contact Publisher' link on the listing page. If you can't find any of the particular items you are looking for you can subscribe to a search by filling out the 'Subscribe To This Search' form on the left hand side of the search results page. This will send an email notification when an item matching your search criteria is listed. This is a great way to stay informed as to when your desired item becomes available.

Can I negotiate on price for a listed item?

All items advertised on usedcoffeegear.com have been published by other users. Degrees to which negotiation is available may vary from publisher to publisher. If you have a reasonable figure in mind we suggest making a fair offer via the 'Contact Publisher' link on the listing. After all, it doesn't hurt to ask, right? All negotations are directly between the user and and the publisher.

I don't know how much my item is worth, how much should I charge?

If you have an item you wish to sell but are unsure how much to charge, our team are happy to provide free advice based on our experience facilitating the sale of used coffee machines and equipment. To get advice, get in touch via our Contact page. Factors that we will need to take into consideration include item age, condition, rarity, custom modifications, availability of photos, and location.

Why do I have to create an account to contact a publisher about a listing?

At usedcoffeegear.com we take spam seriously. We require users to sign up and confirm accounts before contacting sellers as an important measure to shield our users from unsolicited contact from spambots. The sign up process takes less than 30 seconds and will only be neccesary once.

Why didn't I receive the activation email when I created an account?

The most likely reason is that the activcation email has been sent automatically to your spam folder by your email provider's spam filter. Please check your spam folder. If you find the activation email in your spam folder please mark the email as 'not spam' and add the 'from:' address to your contacts to prevent this from happening to further system emails. If for some reason you can't find the activation email in your spam folder please get in touch via our contact page.

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