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Rocket Fausto Touch 2.1

Espresso Grinder

New York City, New York
United States
$ 1,000.00
Listed by private seller 1 month ago

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Item Description

Rocket Fausto Touch 2.1

Usage: Maybe used under 50 times in total, brand new machine. Retail price was $1,300+ with tax and shipping.

65mm Advanced Burrset: The Rocket Espresso Fausto Touch has 65mm hardened steel flat burrs for improved grind quality and efficient coffee bean grinding.

Stepless Grind Settings: The Fausto Touch has a step-less grinding system that provides limitless adjustments, making it easy to find the ideal grind size for your espresso shot.

Grind Quality for the Price: The Fausto Touch line delivers exceptional grind quality for espresso at an affordable price compared to its competitors.

Silent Grind: The sound-proof casing of the Fausto Touch, made of thick metal with rubber mounts and gaskets, greatly reduces the noise from grinding coffee beans to a mere whisper.