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Toper TKM-SX 10

Commercial Roaster

Commercial Roasters Toper TKM-SX 10
6 Shirley Ave, Salford
United Kingdom
$ 15,500.00
Listed by private seller 2 years ago

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Item Description

Toper TKM-SX 10

This 10 kilo machine is software automated with our touch-screen control panel on an articulating arm. AND INCLUDED AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Also in this special promo, this roaster comes with a 3rd thermocouple and fire extinguishing system in the chaff collector, again AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!
New swivel control arm with LCD touch panel control
3rd Thermocouple
Digital data output port/Phidget for Artisan and Cropster
Fire suppression system in Chaff Collector
New design chaff collector
Pilot with independent ignition
2 Thermometers on exhaust and drum
Cooling tray with mixer arms
Peep hole
Sample spoon to check the coffee beans during roasting
1 Alarm for warning the set temperature
Manual drum discharge tool (to be used in case of electricity
Cooling tray cleaner
Drum adjustment tool
Chaff drawer under the drum
Manual airflow control valve
Fire suppression systems
Installation & user manual
Light coffee roasting capacity - lbs/hr (kg/hr) 93-165 (42-75)
Dark coffee roasting capacity - lbs/hr (kg/hr) 66-110 (30-50)
Light coffee roasting time - mins 8-14
Dark coffee roasting time - mins 12-20
Drum capacity - lbs (kg) 22 (10)
Dimensions: WxHxD - inches (cm) 66x90x57 (167x230x145)
Installation area: WxHxD - inches (cm) 119x119x119 (300x300x300)
Weight - lbs (kg) 1100 (500)
Heat source Natural Gas or Propane
Heating system Thermal transfer
Numbers of motor 4
Ambient temperature °F (C°) 39 to 104 (4 to 40)
Gas connection - inches 1/2
Exhaust output - inches (mm) 6 (150)
Required air volume - cfm (m3/h) 336 (570)
Automation Compatible with roasting profile system when the touch profile is purchased with the roaster.
Power requirement, 3-phase - Amps 3,5
Power requirement, 1-Phase - Amps 8
Frequency - Hz 60
Voltage - VAC 220
Power consumption, 1-Phase (kW/h) 1,5
Power requirement, 3-phase (kW/h) 1,5
Specifications are based upon factory data and are subject to change. E&OE

Toper’s own quality and safety management runs and continuously improves year after year, and thus over the past 60+ years.

The company also runs an elaborate safety management complying with globally respected certification bodies, but not limited by them. Toper is aiming for upmost safety of clients’ staff and facility for more than half a century.

Toper warrants their products for 2 years against defects in materials or workmanship worldwide, with a technical support of 10 years of spare parts supply.