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Clover 1S

Filter Batch Brewer

Filter Batch Brewers Clover 1S
Toronto, Ontario
CA$ 6,500.00
Listed by private seller 5 years ago

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Item Description

NEW SPECIAL PRICE - $6500 OBO - RARE! Used Clover 1s Coffee Maker

- Used in working condition with original scraper
- Willing to split shipping costs outside GTA (as well as customs costs outside Canada)
- High-end personal use or commercial
- World’s first commercial single-cup brewer
- Easy to use intuitive digital user interface
- Customizable parameters (cup size, contact time, etc.)
- Remarkably consistent results

“Our innovative technology borrows the best of two time-honored brewing techniques: the press pot and the vacuum pot. Like a press pot, Clover 1s mechanizes the filtration process to control contact time independent of dose, grind size, and filter density. And, like a vacuum pot, Clover 1s filters using a vacuum, ensuring complete extraction and no waste. Finally, Clover 1s uses PID (an advanced process control technology) to maintain water temperature and a volumetric sensor to accurately dose water.

The heart of Clover 1s, the Vacuum-Press™ brew group, allows rapid extraction while preserving the characteristics of your most subtle coffees. PID thermal control and an intuitive user interface allow the barista to control every aspect of the brew process independently. Simply dose the coffee, grind, and place the grounds in Clover’s brew chamber. Clover doses water, brews, filters, and then dispenses. A quick wipe cleans off the permanent filter and Clover is ready for the next cup.
The Clover® brewing system uses innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology to create your cup right in front of you. You watch as a stainless steel filter lowers into the brew chamber. Hot water is added at a precise temperature to brew your coffee for an ideal length of time.
The Clover® brewing system controls brew time and temperature digitally, as even small changes here can dramatically affect the outcome you taste in the cup. A thermal blanket surrounds the brew chamber to keep water within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the ideal temperature.
After the coffee brews, it is pulled through a 70-micron filter. The resulting grounds are pushed out of the top of the machine. The coffee itself flows into your cup – hot, aromatic and amazingly flavorful. We’re pretty sure it will be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.”