Filter Batch Brewers Clover 1S
RARE! Commercial Clover Coffee Machine


USD 8,500.00





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The Clover® brewing system is a rare leap forward in coffee brewing technology that lets us craft a single cup of perfectly brewed coffee with exquisite balance, depth of flavor, and aroma. Innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology and precise control over water temperature and brew time work in conjunction to ensure we can extract the best flavor from the coffee. Since every bean, roast and blend is different, controlling the brew is essential to getting the most out of every cup. We pair the Clover® with our rare, small-lot Starbucks Reserve Coffees to bring them to life in the most extraordinary way.

Starbucks now owns this company and the machines are not sold anywhere! This commercial grade coffee machine has recently been serviced and works perfectly! As shown in photos: One side panel is missing as well as the rotary knob on the front control panel. This rare machine never goes for sale! Originally over $15,000. Buyer pays shipping and handling costs domestic or international.

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