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Huky 500 Coffee Roaster


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Huky 500T Features
ROASTER TYPE: Professional, plug-in and stovetop (optional)

CAPACITY: 500 grams / 1.1 pounds

CONTROLS: Heats from propane IR stove. Control air-flow and directness of heat through adjustable shutter over perforated drum. Dual-probe measures drum temperature (analog) and bean temperature (K-Type electical)

Automatically track roasts with free Artisan Roast Profiling Software (

COOLING: Extra cooling tray, fan, and exhaust hood included

ROTATION: 48 rpms (stainless steel perforated drum), 78 rpms (stainless steel solid drum)

TIME RANGE: 8 - 15 minutes

VENTILATION: Exhaust hood allows you to pipe smoke outside

Cooling Tray and Fan, Loading Funnel, Thermocoupler

The Crop to Cup recommended kit includes a custom brass fitting for gas connection, and a gas line that easily screws onto most propane tanks in the US (similar to a gas grill hook up)

WEIGHT: 13.23 pounds

FOOTPRINT: 15.75x7.5x13.8inches

POWER: 110v - 220v upon request

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