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Astoria Jada AK

Super Automatic Machine

Super Automatic Machines Astoria Jada AK
Oakland, Maryland
United States
$ 4,000.00
Listed by private seller 6 years ago

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Item Description

The JADA Fully Auto Machine

WE HAVE HAD AN UNEXPECTED MEDICAL EXPENCE AND MUST SACRIFICE. This machine was purchased new in April 2007 and we closed our coffee Coffee Cafe in June 2008 due to an illness in our family. It had light use in our coffee shop being a small town. Purchased from Kaldi and are currently selling for 12750.00. Below is complete description and you can view site prep on the Kaldi website. Water softener will need recharged. This machine is totally user friendly. Please read following full description. This is a fully automatic machine. It measures,grinds,tamps... everything. All the operator has to do is froth the milk.....
The Astoria/Jada AK model is a two step fully automatic espresso-cappuccino-latte machine with push button controls along with dual steam wands. The one on the right side is manually operated. The one the left is automatic and temperature controlled. This device steams or froths milk and prevents under or over heated drinks without the operator's full attention.
Must be picked up. Machine weight is over 207 lbs. Video available demonstrating it does work and has had all O rings replaced. Also has its own water filter. It does need recharged. Not pictured.
Serious buyers only please.