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Schaerer Ambiente

Super Automatic Machine

Super Automatic Machines Schaerer Ambiente
Toronto, Ontario
CA$ 3,500.00
Listed by private seller 6 years ago

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Item Description

Schaerer Ambiente Espresso Machine

Used but in good condition. One of the top automatic espresso machines in the market.

I won it in an auction as part of a larger lot. Retails for over $15,000.

Operational Advantages

Push-button operation allows even a novice to make great cappuccinos or lattes
Steam wand with auto shut-off guarantees consistent, accurate milk temperature and allows operator freedom to multi task
Steam wand accommodates multiple types of milk
Dual boilers allow simultaneous milk steaming and espresso dispensing
Clear digital display reduces training time and potential for error
Reminders can be programmed for maintenance activities such as cleaning and water softener changes, increasing operational life and reducing maintenance costs
Dual bean hoppers with dedicated grinders for multiple bean types (regular, decaf, different roasts)
Automated cleaning cycle takes only 5 minutes

Steams 32oz (1Ltr) of milk in 1 minute
70-80 cappuccinos/lattes per hour (16oz / ½Ltr cup)
Programming Flexibility

10 programmable selections
Ability for 2 separate steam wand auto shut-off temperatures for customer preferences
6 separate volume settings for drink selection
Grind, tamp and brew settings are programmable for each espresso selection
Technical diagnostics menu for authorized service vendors

208V, 30 Amperes
17”(W) x 21”(D) x 27”(H)
6kW steam boiler
3kW hot water boiler