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Roaster Authority Victory 2

Commercial Roaster

Commercial Roasters Roaster Authority Victory 2
Statesboro, Georgia
United States
$ 4,000.00
Listed by private seller 6 years ago

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Item Description

Victory 2

This Victory-2 Coffee Roaster has a 5 lb. drum, roasting up to 4 lbs at one time. We bought it used and have used it for 1 year. It has been a fantastic roaster! The agitation arm in the cooling tray is broken. To cool properly, we simply bypassed the roaster cooling tray using our own cooling tray with a large fan (will include all of this). Beans easily cooled within 3 minutes. Other than the agitation arm malfunction, this roaster works wonders. The drum is very seasoned giving nice flavors (no metallic taste at all that can sometimes accompany new steel drums). Chaff Collector is external. We will also include the ventilation that we bought for it.