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Rancilio Rocky

Espresso Grinder

Espresso Grinders Rancilio Rocky
Washington, Washington, D.C.
United States
$ 300.00
Listed by private seller 3 years ago

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Item Description

Rancilio Rocky Grinder

This is one of the longest lasting coffee equipment in human history.

In very good condition - used as a family, morning coffee espresso grinder (pprobably less than 1000 grinds), including regular cleaning and grinder adjustments. Don't forget that there is a doser option that you can add to this machine!

Renowned for over 30 years, its simplicity and robustness may well outlive you!

Features and Functionality

Commercial Quality Grinding Burrs - The tempered steel grinding plates rotate at super slow speeds to prevent heat build-up, which can ruin your perfectly roasted beans. The hugely productive motor is also insulated to prevent overheating.
Excellent Home Hopper - The compact hopper is blue tinted for UV protection of your beans, but still easily see-through for monitoring of your bean level. The hopper holds over a half pound of beans, and lifts off for easy cleaning.
55 Ways to Grind - A twist of the grind dial on the Rocky gives you 55 levels of control over the output of the grinder. The ultra-fine threading allows you the versatility of going from espresso to drip to French press coffee brewing, and every other type between!

Quiet, Powerful and Safe - Rancilio designs for commercial use, and that means creating motors and grinders that emit as little noise as possible. The Rocky Grinder is no exception, and is one of the quietest available. Safety is just as important, with the balance of the grinding elements designed to prevent rocking and torque. Should the grinding mechanism jam or become overheated, a thermal protection device shuts it down to prevent damage to the motor or the grinding mechanisms.


Commercial-Grade Burr Grinder - The 50mm steel grinding plates are the same construction and quality as Rancilio's commercial grinders. Note that the Rocky is not made for a commercial setting, it's just built tough!
Perfect Capacity - Smaller than the big commercial grinders, this machine still handles almost a pound of beans at a time.


Too Much Machine? - This is a high quality, high output commercial style grinder. Make sure the features fit your home needs.
Power Switch - Some users have complained about the placement of the power switch on the Rocky. Its location may make it difficult to handle the portafilter and operate the machine at the same time, although if you have two hands, this shouldn't be a problem.
Large - The Rocky weighs 18 pounds and the motor makes up 11 of them. This will certainly take center stage in a small kitchen so make sure to measure your space prior to purchasing. That's not unusual for a grinder of this quality, but make sure you have the appropriate space (and deisre) for good coffee!

How Does it Compare?

The doserless version can be a little messy (although still not terrible!), so make sure your portafilter is one of the many that works well with this unit.

Recommended For: Coffee Press, Drip Coffee, Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over
Manufacturer: Rancilio
Width 4.7 inches
Depth 9.8 inches
Height 14.0 inches
Volts 120V
RPM of Burrs 1725 RPM
Case Material Stainless Steel
Bean Hopper Capacity 8 oz
Dosing Options Doser or Doserless Versions Available
Adjustment Configuration Stepped - Macro Settings Only
Grinder Style Burr - Flat Steel
Burr Diameter 50mm
Material Metal and Plastic