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Bezzera Eagle

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Bezzera Eagle
Richmond, California
United States
$ 13,750.00
Listed by private seller 6 years ago

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Item Description

Bezzera Eagle- Copper Espresso Machine

The Bezzera Eagle is the ultimate in high end espresso machines that also double as impressive statement pieces. Italian made from a company that has been in business since 1901 (hence the tag, 'Bezzera dal 1901'), this model is based on the original styling dating back to the founding of the company. Bezzera Eagle is ideal for locations where there is consistent passerby and in a location such as a street window.

**If you can even find these for sale today, they are used antiques and are likely only in gold brass or chrome and will cost you $18,000 or more, not including shipping. This one is copper, folks! Machines like these can generally only be found in such restaurants as Eataly in New York or Chicago.

This particular espresso machine was purchased about 10 years ago direct from the manufacturer and was kept in climate-controlled storage in the Washington DC area until recently, when it was moved onto display in a small bakery in the Richmond metro area. It has not been used in over 5 years and remains in amazing condition.

It will come with a grinder machine, pump, professional tamper, and filter handle (see pictures). It may be missing a small glass tube on the front (replaceable). I do not know about the glass tube because the machine is unused---I have not tried to start or run the espresso machine.

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