Bunn / Futurmat ES -1A Volumetric PIDed Descaled


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I'm buying a bigger machine, so it's time for me to sell my faithful Bunn. I just had it worked on professionally in Nashville where the techs descaled it, installed new gaskets, and deep cleaned the machine.

Two concerns that make this a project machine:
1) The autofill apparently will not work if the boiler is completely emptied. There aren't many circumstances I can imagine you needing to drain the boiler. This impacts everyday operation in no way, but the tech pointed it out so I will as well. If you ever decide to drain the boiler, it'll need to be manually refilled, which is not a big deal.

2) My old PID failed, so I've bought and installed a brand knew one. It just needs programmed.

Make a road trip to Memphis, come and enjoy the BBQ, fried chicken, and Wiseacre Brewery just a couple minutes from our house, where you’ll pick up the machine. Go to a Grizz game or the National Civil Rights Museum and make a memorable trip out of it. Make the trip and create a few memories as you start your cafe or create the ultimate home espresso bar.

Thanks for looking!

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