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Faema Smart A2

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Faema Smart A2
Houston, Texas
United States
$ 5,000.00
Listed by private seller 6 years ago

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Item Description

Faema A2 Smart 2 Group

Faema A2 SMART
2 Group Traditional Automatic Espresso Machine
Made in Italy

The Faema A2 / Smart model is made by one of the leading brands of espresso equipment manufacturers. When you purchase a Faema machine, you're purchasing reliability and performance, guaranteed. This unit features everything you would expect from a commercial grade machine. Dual group heads, hot water spigot, direct waterline connection, stainless steel backing, dual programmable touch pads for accurate volumetric dosing of espresso shots, lever controlled steam dispensing for enhanced precision and all of the bells and whistles. This particular machine has been used as a demo machine to display the A2 abilities in our showroom and at conventions. Being that we are experts in espresso equipment, we have kept this machine in peak performance and pristine condition, cosmetically AND internally. Regular back flushing and proper maintenance are both vital to the longevity of any piece of equipment in order to keep it in like new condition. We have not even removed the white plastic coating from the drip tray in order to maximize protection from any signs of wear and tear!

The A2 boasts the following features:

-Automatic dispensing via programmable touch pads for each group head.
-Automatic boiler refill
-Dual steam wands
-Hot water spigot
-Pressure gauge for boiler and pump
-Unit comes complete with single and double portafilters

Along with your purchase, we will include a FREE set of accessories to go along with your machine. The set will include the following:
-Stainless steel 33oz frothing pitcher
-Barista grade thermometer
-(2) 3oz stainless steel bell creamers for espresso
-Stainless steel barista grade knockbox

Unit Condition:
After bringing the machine back into our shop, we have done a full interior and exterior cleaning and in depth testing of all functionality. Unit works as a new machine. You will get all original accessories with the machine (single and double group handles, cleaning disc, tamper, etc.). You can view my feedback to see that we are very successful in maintaining our customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to dealing with espresso machines. Please know that you are purchasing from a knowledgeable source when it comes to this type of equipment and NOT any sort of liquidator or typical resale company, WE KNOW ESPRESSO MACHINES.

We will ship this unit via freight company to be sure that it arrives in pristine condition