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Franke Evolution 2-Step

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Franke Evolution 2-Step
Toronto, Ontario
$ 3,500.00
Listed by private seller 5 years ago

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Item Description

Franke Evolution 2-Step Espresso Machine

Suitable Environment

For baristas who prefer the speed and consistency of a fully automatic brewing center along with the precision of manual steaming and frothing, the Franke Evolution 2-Step is the perfect fit. Capable of brewing 90 double shots of espresso per hour, this machine is popular in cafes, casual and fine restaurants and hotels. Plus, the Evolution comes with free installation and training from certified technicians, as well as a comprehensive 1-Year Preventative Maintenance Program to replace worn parts and extend the life of your machine.

As its name implies, this Franke espresso machine can make a cappuccino or latte in just 2 easy steps. Step 1 is as simple as pressing a brew button for a single or double shot, and for step 2, just press the Autosteam button to activate the frothing wand. Since the Evolution 2-step brews at the touch of a button, even the most inexperienced users can make a cup of great espresso. However, learning the nuances of proper brewing, steaming, and frothing will necessitate more in depth training and practice regimens.


The Evolution 2-Step comes with a stainless steel heat exchanger boiler to provide stable temperatures for high-volume brewing and steaming.
The Evolution 2-Step grinds, tamps and brews automatically at the press of a button, making it fast and simple for users of any skill level.
With a multi-directional stainless steel frothing wand and an independent hot water dispenser, this Franke espresso machine gives baristas the ability to make the very best cappuccinos, lattes and americanos.
The Evolution features 2 low-noise, precision burr grinders built to meet the challenges of constant use.
All Franke Evolutions connect directly to a water line for continuous brewing without refilling.
This Franke espresso machine features 6 multi-functional buttons capable of programming a variety of settings for fast, 1-touch brewing.
The Evolution features a large brewing area with an adjustable spout that can brew into cups as tall as 6”.
With the purchase of the Evolution 2-Step, you will receive free professional installation, start-up training, and a 1-Year Preventative Maintenance Program.
NSF and UL approvals ensure compliance with health regulations.
31”H x 13”W x 24”D
Feature Details

Steam Wand
The Evolution 2-step features an Autosteam system with an independent steam wand for precise and efficient frothing and steaming. Austosteam provides optimal steaming and frothing consistency, with a built-in temperature probe to automatically shut down when your milk reaches 160oF. The pivoting stainless steel frother will live up to the expectations of even the most experienced barista, but is easy enough to operate for novices.

Programming Options
6 dual functioning programmable buttons make this Franke espresso machine capable of producing any number of different coffee products. Accessing each button’s additional function is as simple as pressing the “shift” button, and the Evolution features an illuminated LCD that boldly displays each operation. Plus, Franke’s chip-card technology safeguards against data errors and allows the machine’s optimal settings to be restored at any time.

Grinder Capacity/Grind Settings
2 heavy-duty precision burr grinders provide nonstop performance, and with each hopper capable of holding 2.8 lbs of coffee, the Evolution can brew at its highest output without constant refills. Each hopper is made of strong, see-through plastic so users can check bean levels without disrupting operation.

Cup Warmer
Like our other Franke espresso machines, the Evolution 2-step features a stainless steel cup warmer to maximize temperature stability for each drink.

Electrical Options
The Evolution 2-Step Standard comes with a 220v plug.

Electrical Specifications
Available voltage
220 volt
Circuit Breaker Requirements
30 amp
Suggested NEMA Receptacle
Plumbing Requirements
3/8” Flexi Drainline
3/8” Braided Stainless Steel Cold Water Supply Line
3/8” Cold Water Supply