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La Pavoni PUB 1M-R 1

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines La Pavoni PUB 1M-R 1
Loveland, Ohio
United States
$ 1,850.00
Listed by private seller 4 years ago

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Item Description

NEW la Pavoni PUB 1M-R 1 Group Commercial Espresso/Cappuccino Machine - Red

The machine is entirely new, unused and complete with all accessories.
A highly rated and excellent choice for those who care about offering the highest quality espresso coffee, this la Pavoni espresso machine is epicurean and economical. This electric espresso machine is a super solution when you wish to provide great coffee every time. Stewards, food service workers, and office managers are happy with the reliability and features of this La Pavoni espresso machine. This machine is equipped with the latest technology, such as thermal stability. That means there is an independent radiator hydraulic system for the press-forged nickeled brass group, allowing consistent water circulation throughout the boiler. Besides, the infusion chamber features a pressurization chamber, which eliminates dripping. An anti-vacuum valve eliminates liquid from entering the steam wand.

If you'd like to have ease of use, dependability, and intense flavor, the la Pavoni PUB 1M-R does what you need. This la Pavoni espresso machine is a fast performer given the ample pot size allowing the la Pavoni PUB 1M-R to daily brew up to 150 cups of delightful, stimulating espresso. This electric espresso machine is easy to use, which means you are able to expertly make your coffee beverages with minimal effort. In addition, the epicurean brewing system, typical of the la Pavoni PUB 1M-R, helps you deliver the freshness, aroma, and boldness to each and every cup brewed.

All these benefits can be delivered almost anywhere since the PUB 1M-R is fully portable with no direct connection to domestic water supply plumbing required making it an ideal machine for catering.

Completely portable
150 brews per day output
Separate solenoids for water and steam delivery
1 coffee group 1 steam wand 1 hot water tap
Mounted pressure gauge
8 liter water filtration system for direct water feed included
Stainless steel filter baskets and installation kit included
Single and double portafilters
Automatic water fill
Manual rocker switch coffee delivery
Visible sight glass
Direct water line 6 liter boiler
Compact 15" wide x 21 x 21
Volt 120/1500 watts
ETL listed
Made in Italy