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Pasquini Livia 90

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Pasquini Livia 90
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
$ 1,195.00
Listed by private seller 5 years ago

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Item Description

Pasquini Livia 90S Semi Automatic + Single Drawer Base w Built-In Knock Bar

• 1.5 Liter dual heat exchange boiler allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming.
• Solid stainless steel construction guarantees many years of excellent service.
• 15 BAR pump provides optimal pressure for perfect extraction every time.
• 3-way solenoid valve instantly relieves the pressure in the group head making cleanup easier
• 36lbs 12H x 11.5H x 15H

What You’re Getting

As a lovingly used machine, this is perfect for the home barista that is just graduating to a super premium espresso machine. Pasquini practically invented the category of prosumer machines with the original Livia, and although newer (and much more expensive) machines have surpassed it (including Pasquini’s own Livia G4), this is still a great and dependable workhorse of a machine at a great price. You won’t do better for less than $2,000.

This machine is in excellent condition. No scratches, no missing parts, no repairs needed. Since being serviced with a complete cleaning, gasket replacement (the one part you will regularly need to replace), and a new controller board this machine is ready and waiting for delivery to its new home. We’ve made an average of 10-15 espressos / cappuccinos / lattes per day, and decided that we use our machine enough that it was time to upgrade to the best we can afford.

With the dual heat exchange boiler, this machine can not only brew your espresso, but froth the milk at the same time, and do a great job at both. You can make 3 or 4 espressos in a row before you need to take a short pause to let the boiler heat recover, but that is usually only about 30-60 seconds at most, so unless you are serving a party of 20, or trying to run a commercial coffee house, this will most likely meet your most demanding needs for the foreseeable future.

The machine includes two portafilter adapters – one for grinding your own espresso, and the second for use with ESE pods. The ESE pod filter is handy when you are heading out the door and want to pull the quickest and least messy shot, and while not quite as "purist" as fresh ground, it’s still pretty nice to have. (If you're lazy, but like good coffee, it's all you'll need!)

In addition to the machine, there is also a Pasquini single drawer all heavy gauge stainless base with built in knock bar. Also in near mint condition, this is a great accessory that is an additional $200 new.

The price includes the machine plus the base.

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