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San Remo Opera

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines San Remo Opera
Manchester , England
United Kingdom
£ 7,950.00
Listed by private seller 2 years ago

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San Remo Opera

3 Group Sanremo Opera 2.0 with scales and Pesado portafilters

We are selling our beloved Sanremo Opera 3 group after 4 years of good service - one of these years it was not operational at all due to the pandemic so only 3 years use really. It has been serviced and had new water filters regularly.

This is the 2.0 version and comes with the custom Sanremo Opera Acaia Lunar scales which fit in the drip tray and connect to the machine making it gravimetric for extra accuracy. These 3 scales all need new USB ports fitting which I would recommend contacting Sanremo about. However we have been using it on volumetric mode recently which is extremely accurate and consistent thanks to Sanremo's new HD flowmeters.

If you are not familiar with the Opera then it is jam packed with features to give total control over your extraction and consistency. In a nutshell it offers: - Pre-infusion which can be set at any amount of bars for any amount of time - Main extraction which can be set for any amount of bars - Post infusion which can be set for any amount of bars for any amount of volume - All of these 3 stages can be set to give a consistent total volume by HD volumetric or by total brew weight when using the Acaia scales. - A total of 6 recipes can be stored on each group head - Recipes can be created either on the machine or on a tablet which is included.

This machine has served us well for 3 years and the only reason we are selling is because we are distributors of La Marzocco, San Remo and Victoria Arduino and we replace our machines every few years so that we can have different demo machines on our bars to show our wholesale partners.

The official list price for this machine is £20,990 and here you have the opportunity to get one for nearly one third of the price. The only reason we are able to sell it so cheap is because we are distributors and I am looking for a quick sale to get a new machine on the bar.