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Slayer Slayer Espresso

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Slayer Slayer Espresso
Calgary, Alberta
CA$ 16,500.00
Listed by private seller 4 years ago

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Item Description

Slayer espresso machine 2 group - customized + DUTY AND TAX-FREE ENTRY TO USA

For sale: 

Slayer Espresso Machine - 2 group SN: 0077

The machine will come after whole maintenance so: all new gaskets, o-rings, screens, seals, steam wand maintenance etc. fully cleaned and resealed. 
I will give the buyer a brand new water pump to go with this machine. 
The portafilter handles will be black. Other handles are walnut wood – Slayer.

***In this price range, I am willing to paint the legs, side and back panels to match your logo or office space to fit there perfectly. Check the first photo for inspiration another two shows the machine as is.***

I have maintenance videos for the machine which I am willing to share with a buyer so your maintenance will cost you a few bucks. I also going to give a buyer user manual where you can see all the necessary info about the machine, coffee profiling and of course parts numbers to know what to order. (The machine is right now in the process of being taken apart and prepared for all the maintenance mentioned on top of this add)

This machine is still produced and the retail price is 23,500CAD + GST without customizations.


I am willing to list it on eBay but all the fees will be paid by a buyer - payment via Paypal (+5% extra for a fee, eBay another +5% fee). So the price will be more than what I am asking here. If someone wants to save money, we can also do a bank transfer! 

Shipping will be on wood pallet box! (Check the photo) I can arrange duty and tax-free entry to the US. The machine will be shipped from Canada.
For more info send me a message here or at lukasdolezalca@gmail.com