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Slayer Slayer Espresso

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Slayer Slayer Espresso
Calgary, Alberta
CA$ 16,500.00
Listed by private seller 4 years ago

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Item Description

Slayer espresso machine 2 group V3!!

For sale: late 2015 V3 model - 2 group with custom matte white paint and white oak handles.
It's also after a whole maintenance so I did all new gaskets, o-ring, seals etc. right now it's like new and ready for new owner. With the machine I also give you all the maintenance videos so your maintenance will cost you a few bucks I also give you an user manual where you can see all the necessary info about the machine, coffee profiling and of course part numbers to know what to order.

This machine still produced and the retail price is 23,500CAD + GST


I am willing to ship the machine on my expense so the shipping will be for free. I am looking for 16500 CAD.

payment via Paypal (+4% extra for fee, can sell through Ebay another +5% fee) or bank transfer and I can even give you a discount! shipping will be on wood pallet box!