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Slayer V2

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Slayer V2
Calgary, Alberta
$ 14,000.00
Listed by private seller 2 years ago

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Item Description

Slayer V2

SELLING Slayer espresso 2 group upgraded to V2 - machine went through the whole overhaul and was built from the frame up - see the attached picture

new style gauges all 3 (groups and team tank)
new water pump with new motor
all the O-ring
group cap gaskets
all 4 new thermostats
portafilter gaskets
solenoid valves
water level probe
vacuum breaker
steam wants are rebuilt
a couple of new Molex connectors
check valves
new paint (got scratched from the moving a bit),
wood handles are refinished in a darker tone
new thermocouples
new PIDs
the machine is upgraded to 2nd generation - click here for more info -> https://slayerespresso.com/retrofitting-your-slayer-1-0/
expansion valve
new stainless steel piece from Slayer to see how the show is poured in reflection.

So the machine would be shipped in a built crate see the attached picture. FREE SHIPPING TO THE US AND CANADA. I am not a business and I was using the machine for personal use (I am a kinda weird person :D I like my coffee done with machines like this one haha) so I can't offer a warranty. It's still a used machine. The best payment options for the buyers are certified cheque, bank draft or money transfer - because it doesn't cost extra. For example, Paypal will charge a fee of about 5% and the terrible rate which adds another 2-3%. eBay itself will add plus-minus another 5% so on a price tag like that's a lot of money for the buyer.

I have maintenance videos from Slayer which are nowhere to find - the owner of the Slayer himself (Jason Prefontaine) is troubleshooting the machine on them and showing how to maintain it so in future, you can save money just doing the maintenance on your own. I am also going to help with importing the machine to the US - thanks to USA and CANADA agreement (USMCA) duty-free entry to the US! my email: lukasdolezalca@gmail.com