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Unic Tango

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Unic Tango
Queens, New York
United States
$ 6,500.00
Listed by private seller 4 years ago

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Item Description

Unic Tango S Solo Milk Espresso Maker

The Unic Tango S Solo Milk is a super automatic, one-step espresso maker with an impressive automated milk delivery system. With a high quality stainless steel brewing chamber, two 3.75 lb bean hoppers, 2 sets of 80mm Mahlkonig burrs and a 30 lbs per week brewing capacity, this high performance, commercial machine is perfect for your high volume coffee shop or cafe.

Through it’s high tech LCD display and full control panel, the Unic Tango S Solo Milk allows you to completely control multiple infusion parameters including, grinding, tamping, temperature, pre-infusion, weight of coffee and volume of water. Additionally, this machine features 12 programmable and customizable icon keys and all settings are adjustable and transferable via user cards

Other great functions and design features of the Unic Tango S Solo Milk include, a teflon steam wand, double coffee spout, drink counter cup warmer, day/night mode, full size rotary vane pump and a large waste bin that can accommodate 120 cycles of coffee grounds.

When it comes to this machine, maintenance is convenient and streamlined to help keep your business productive. Every 90 drinks made, the Unic Tango S runs through an automated quick clean and every 24 hours it automatically goes through a complete cleaning cycle to ensure your machine is performing its best.

Excellent if you're starting up a new Cafe or restaurant.