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Unic Twin Mira

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Unic Twin Mira
Wilsonville, Oregon
United States
$ 3,000.00
Listed by private seller 6 years ago

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Item Description

Upgraded UNIC Twin Mira Espresso Machine

Double port UNIC Twin Mira high profile espresso machine with 2 teflon steam wands.

-4 Programmable volumetric keys
-Automated back-flushing cycle for daily cleaning
-Integrated shot timer
-Steam Glide Lever
-1 Hot water dispenser with flow regulator
-Group head mounted direct to boiler for shot temperature stability
-Cup warmer
-Stainless steel panels and steel frame
-Direct drain for easy cleaning
-Auto refill
-Twin pressure gauge for pump and steam
-High-profile (tall cup) series for larger cup sizes
-2 upgraded teflon steam wands. Very easy to clean, prevents milk build up, and is insures better tempurature of milk

Comes with 2 double portafilters and 1 single portafilter, 2 stainless steel stands, steaming tins, tamper, shot glasses, and cleaning supplies.

Machine was purchased brand new and had only filtered water from a 5 stage Enviro RO filtration system run through it. Very well maintained and cleaned properly daily.