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La Marzocco Swift

Espresso Grinder

Espresso Grinders La Marzocco Swift
Lander, Wyoming
United States
$ 2,800.00
Listed by private seller 6 years ago

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Item Description

Swift Grinder

Used. Has new burrs, switches and is clean. I have 2 grinders and only need one. In case you need more information about the grinder, here it is:
This espresso grinder handles it all, from grinding to dosing to tamping with ease. Programmability eliminates inconsistency in your espresso extracting process as well, making it even easier to make a name for your coffee shop. Also, when it comes to the bottom line, this grinder eliminates a lot of the waste commonly found in other grindersIt is easier to clean and prevents wasted coffee residue.

Features & Functionality of the La Marzocco Swift Espresso Grinder
High Capacity: Two giant hoppers (4 pound capacity each!) mean you can keep plenty of luscious whole bean coffee at the ready, both decaf and regular. Reduces time spent filling the hopper.
Programmable Consistency: The Swift espresso grinder will remove variability from your espresso grind, and can keep consistent the little things like quantity and tamp pressure, both done automatically.
Automatic Tamping: The La Marzocco Swift grinder will automatically tamp, ensuring consistent pressure applied to the coffee puck every time.
High Speed Ceramic Burrs: Arguably the best burrs are flat ceramics (still up for debate, we know), but the La Marzocco Swift utilizes them to ensure not only more consistency but also longer lasting quality as well as minimal heat transfer to effect the aroma of the grinds.
Volume Dosing System: Forget about timed dosing, which leads to inconsistent quantities. The La Marzocco Swift uses a volume-based system which ensures you get the same amount of coffee grind every time.