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La Marzocco FB80

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines La Marzocco FB80
Burnaby, British Columbia
$ 8,000.00
Listed by private seller 5 years ago

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Kees van der Westen Mirage Duette

Kees van der Westen Mirage Duette

**6 month warranty on non maintenance items**

The Mirage is a classic E61 thermo-syphon system, aka HX machine, that Kees has refined an already proven and reliable functioning system to a "technically highly elegant system" which produces the best achievable quality in the cup.
As quoted from Kees site, his redesigned machine offers better " thermal efficiency and easily surpasses the popular multi-boiler systems. In comparison, the double, or multi boiler system, can technically be regarded as rather run of the mill".

What makes Kees unique is its soft pre-infusion on the coffee puck, precise temperature management and efficient energy consumption. Kees machine are known for their outstanding build quality and reliability to serve your customers. If you're looking for a machine which will be noticed and produce the best espresso - the Mirage is your answer.

Our tech's restored the machine and replaced the following items this month. The boiler and all hydraulic lines have been soaked in citric acid to remove any build up present.
The following items are New:
* group gaskets
*shower screens
*check valves
*expansion valve
* boiler safety valve
* anti vac
* Rebuilt steam & water valves
* New flow meters
* Cleaned solenoids

2 like new portafilters
New group gaskets
New boiler safety valve
New anti-vac
New rebuilt steam wands
Motor and pump
6 Month warrant on non maintenance items
• Energy saving hot water system. Some cold is added to the hot water, so less heated water is needed. This mix provides a steady, non-spattering stream with the correct temperature to prepare Americanos. The hot water is controlled by a quick to adjust timer.
• Touch pad to activate the group, offering 4 automatic volumes plus continuous.
• Drip tray adjustable in height, optionally a raised tray for espresso cups is available.
• Stainless steel filter holders
• Standard equipped with a Progressive Pre-Infusion Cylinder per group. This allows a finer grind, creating more surface, so a higher yield in the cup, less chance on channelling, preventing fines to travel down.
• Rubber group gaskets remain flexible forever, do not become hard or brittle.
• Membrane type group screen, very nice dispersion, less coffee sucked up by discharge of pressure at end of extraction. Remains clean longer.
• Heavily protected heating element (extra safety level probe, cut-out switch with feeler against element in water, machine shuts down when any of the solenoid valves remains open for longer than 120 seconds).
• Entire frame in stainless steel only, powder coated in crackle black.
• Large boiler capacity: 19ltr. for the Triplette.
• Elevated position of body, easy cleaning of bar surface.

Please visit us at TanzilloEspressoGear for any further questions. Buyer will be responsible for 3.7% duty upon delivery. The machine will be shipped DHL Express in a crate padded for extra protection. Items traveling across border usually arrive within 2 weeks but are subject to FDA inspection which could delay the shipment. Please provide a phone number for the shipment and must have an IRS number. This machine will come with a 6 month warranty. To comply with our warranty the machine must be setup and installed by a trained technician, use of a prefilter and water softener. If you have any question please contact Tanzillo Espresso Gear