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La Marzocco GS3

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines La Marzocco GS3
Vancouver, British Columbia
$ 4,500.00
Listed by private seller 4 years ago

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La Marzocco GS3

It may be tempting to compare the GS3 to the Linea Mini but unfortuantely you get what you pay for. The Mini is not a true dual boiler setup IMO. Due to the small size of the boiler this makes little difference in temperature stability. The brew boiler is 6 fluid ounces/3/4 cup or 177 ml. Further more, it doesn't utilize flow restrictors to gently saturate the coffee puck. Things I noticed is that it runs into the same HX issue that all others do which require a a cooling flush also known as temp surfing.

The GS3 is the home Barista's dream machine. Wake up in the morning and the machine is idling and ready to start pulling shots as your specialty café down the street does. This machine is an absolute joy to use at home or any low volume setup, like farmers markets or events. Having a standard 120V plug and ability to pull directly from a water jug make this machine one of the most versatile commercial grade machines for it's footprint.

Features like: auto on/off, programmable pre-infusion times, quick button temperature changes for both boilers, auto clean cycle, half/full heating option (120V 15/20A), are all desirable features in todays coffee culture.

This unit has been completely restored to new condition. It has all current quick access functions, full prevenative maintenance, new powder coat through and through, new seals, s.s nuts and bolts. The on board tank is not present but can be installed if chosen to run as a pour over. It is currently setup as plumb in.