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Mavam UCEM 2 Group

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Mavam UCEM 2 Group
Cheyenne, Wyoming
United States
$ 14,500.00
Listed by private seller 5 years ago

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Item Description

Mavam UCEM 2 Group


Matte black “wet stone” powder coated finish
Low Profile Countertop Interface
Ultimate Temperature Stability - multiple PID temperature controls
Multiple Boilers - 14-liter steam boiler and 2x 500ml brew boilers
Heated Brew Group - cartridge heater helps maintain brew temperature
Low Flow Pre-infusion - low flow .06mm flow at 30 PSI (2 Bar)
Multiple Extraction Modes - choose between Manual or Chronomass timed volume automatic brew function
Digital display - 2x 1.3-inch digital displays located in front of each group
Dry Steam condensate removal system that keeps the steam at the steam wands ready to go (very little condensation will be purged from the wands before steaming)
Milk Jug Rinser - built-in rinser with spin jet makes workflow a breeze
Button Actuation - low voltage waterproof buttons to actuate all functions
Insulated Cool Touch Steam Wands with Precision Tips
Custom Steam Tips - MAVAM designed their own steam tips to help create a better milk steaming experience. The spin action created by the angle drilled holes allow the center jet to add air creating a dense foam texture
MAVAM designed this espresso machine to be easy to service with important machines components easy to access
The machine was in service for 1.5 years - always professionally maintained