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Profitec Pro 700

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Profitec Pro 700
Bellevue, Washington
United States
$ 2,000.00
Listed by private seller 4 years ago

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Item Description

Profitec pro 700 Dual boiler

Well cared for, regularly maintained like new, gently used machine. Comes with tons of extra accessories (distribution tool, tamper, scale, knock box.

What is it?

The Profitec Pro 700 is a dual boiler espresso machine with an E61 group head, silent rotary pump, and a built-in PID and shot timer that can be either direct-plumbed or run on its internal reservoir. Turn on of off each boiler separately. Adjust pressure and temperature easily, quick recovery time, this machine is a home-baristas dream!

Who is it for?

For those who want to perfect their espresso technique but also need enough steam power for the rest of the family almost 2 bars of steam pressure!!!. Brew pressure is also adjustable between 8 and 10 based on your taste preferences! This machine balances a perfect feature set with gorgeous design.


Stainless steel 58.4 mm precision tamper

Single-spouted portafilter

Double-spouted portafilter

Single basket

Double basket

Braided plumb-in line

Drip tray cup riser

Drip tray drain attachment

Cleaning brush

- Backflush blank