Rancilio Classe 9 USB Xcelsius

Espresso Machine

Espresso Machines Rancilio Classe 9 USB Xcelsius
Lafayette, Louisiana
United States
$ 7,000.00
Listed by private seller 3 years ago

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Classe 9 USB Xcelsius

From the manufacturer:


About this machine:
A great machine, that lasted in my mid-volume roasterie/cafe for 3 years. Well maintained.

Selling as is. Group 2 has a W38/40 error reading. This is for the temperature probe which helps operate the variable temperature profiling on group 2. Even with the error, we crushed our morning rushes with this machine.

A little love from a competent tech (and a couple hundred bucks) will have this workhorse cranking away in no time.

Contact me if interested.