Espresso Machines Rancilio S27
Rancilio S27 single-group


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One of my madder purchases. This is ex-café and weighs about 42kg due to all the masses of brass inside. Fully automatic and programmable (I have the PDF manual as well). This is a proper HX (heat exchanger) unit.

It requires an external source, so you either plumb it in or drop a hose into a container. Produces ridiculous amounts of steam on demand! Good for practicing your microfoam milk technique ;)

Unit condition is good. The red backplate that faces customers is excellent, while the stainless steel drip tray is well-used.

Machine is "semi-commercial" as it a heat exchanger (HX) type machine and has a huge 3.9L boiler - capable of servicing a small cafe, coffee cart or restaurant. Machine is also more portable than other commercial machines, making it ideal for catering. However, can be used as a serious home machine as well (which I used it for).

Can be plumbed in directly to water or will draw water from any external reservoir (it pumps the water in).

The S27 model has a volumetric programming capabilities - meaning you can program different cup sizes (also has a manual option to start and stop the pump). The S27 also has a rotary vane pump - much quieter and more reliable than vibrator type pumps.

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