Synesso Cyncra

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Espresso Machines Synesso Cyncra
Calgary, Alberta
$ 7,000.00
Listed by private seller 10 months ago
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Refurbished Synesso Cyncra - free shipping

I would like to offer my refurbished Synesso Cyncra which was as a backup machine after me and my wife bought a Slayer (which will be for sale too).

- orings, gaskets, steam wands are rebuild, valves are rebuild, brand new solenoide valves, diffuser screens with Synesso Logo, diffuser screw, ball valves, new steam wand handles, vacuum breaker, check valves, fully descaled etc. etc....


LOCATED: Calgary, Canada
SHIPPING: Worldwide
PAYMENT: E-transfer, cheque, money wire
Paypal (PP fee on buyer’s expense) money

-here’s some more info:
Handcrafted Commercial Espresso Machines
Synesso™ is proud to offer one of the leading commercial espresso machines on the market. The stainless steel construction is elegant, simple, durable and extremely functional. The Cyncra™ sets a new standard for thermal stability, ease of use and consistent shot brewing. Exposed brew groups, lever steam valves, cool-touch steam wands and easy-to-use DigiZone™ controlled PID electronics make the Cyncra™ the most exciting and versatile machine available. Here are some of the features which make Synesso™ the choice for your café:
Independent Brew Groups
The Cyncra™ is designed with separately controlled and heated brew groups. This reduces downtime for service issues, allows roasters to set different temperatures for their beans and ensures that the machine can function even if one of the groups is taken off-line for any reason.
Cool Touch Steam Wands
Lever actuated steam valves are easy to operate and reduce injuries caused by repetitive action. The steam wands themselves remain cool to the touch, reducing the potential for contact burns. Milk does not scald onto the wand, which makes cleaning easier, thereby improving hygiene at the café.
Industry-wide Respect
Dual heating elements in the steam tank
- Quicker recovery time for hot water and steam
- Better heat dispersion
Cool touch steam wands
- Safer and more hygienic
- Wands have a large range of motion
Preheated water to each brew group
- Preheated water to each group enhances temperature stability
Preinfusion for better shots
- Preinfusion allows even swelling of the coffee cake before brewing
Solid State relays used on heating element circuits
- Improved life expectancy of the relays
- Improved thermal stability
Thermal probe control for steam pressure
- Reduces maintenance of mechanical parts
- Enables easy pressure adjustments
Individual welded brew tank assemblies
- Improves thermal stability
- Removes the possibility of leakage
Internal brew tubes
- Welded tubes reduce the chance of breakage
- More thermally stable
Mix valve on the hot water dispenser
- Smooth dispensing of hot water, no sputter
- Safer and easier to use, easy to adjust